Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A New Year, A New Start

I'm pondering 2011 today... I can't believe it's almost HERE! What happened?! It seems like this past year went by so quickly!

I just love the new year. I love to unwrap my new planner (yes, I'm a geek!) and I love to mark it's crisp, clean pages with all of my highest expectations of organization. Yep, that's lasts until about mid-March!

This year, I'm not making New Year's resolutions -- I'm making quarterly goals! I tend to be "all or nothing", and usually set very high goals for the New Year. I will wear myself OUT trying to do everything perfectly, and then I will mess up and think that there's no use to try, I've already messed up my perfect plans... isn't that crazy!? This year, I want to set a few goals for the next 3 months. By telling you, maybe I will be more accountable -- we all need that, right? I hope that by setting goals for 3 months only, I will be able to stay consistent and know that even if I "mess it up", there is another new start right around the corner!

So.... for my first round of goals! This year I aim to:
  -- Not give up if I don't have a 'perfect' record for each resolution!
  -- Drink more water
  -- Be more active each day
  -- Spend more one-on-one time with each of my kids
  -- Spend more one-on-one time alone with God in prayer and Bible study
  -- Have more date nights with my hubby! Anyone want to watch two wild boys? :-)
  -- Consistently plan meals in advance

and lastly....
  -- listen with patience, speak in words filled with grace, and encourage in hope....

This Psalm has been on my heart all month, and I pray that as we enter a new year it will remind me that my life is only a breath. I am not promised all of 2011, (or even to start it!). Each day is important. Life is not all about huge, monumental occasions, celebrations, or milestones. Life is simply wrapped up in a beautiful package of messy kids, loads of laundry, scraped-up knees, kissing boo-boos, laughter with my husband, holding hands while we sleep, tear-filled eyes during songs to our Lord, and prayers of thanks for each of life's moments.

Cherish each moment in 2011, and celebrate each step of the journey!
We are each only a breath.

"Show me, LORD, my life’s end
and the number of my days;
let me know how fleeting my life is.
You have made my days a mere handbreadth;
the span of my years is as nothing before you.
Everyone is but a breath,
even those who seem secure.

“Surely everyone goes around like a mere phantom;
in vain they rush about, heaping up wealth
without knowing whose it will finally be.

“But now, Lord, what do I look for?
My hope is in you."
~ Psalm 39:4-7
What are you looking forward to in 2011? I would love to hear of your New Year's goals/resolutions! 


At December 29, 2010 at 11:54 PM , Blogger Asia said...

This is great. I have a a few things I want to accomplish this year too. I am pretty excited. Pray 2011 is a great year of things to learn and grow from. God Bless.

At December 30, 2010 at 9:46 AM , Blogger Lisa said...

I am like you .. I set my goals too high and then when I don't accomplish them .. I feel badly. I may have to take your idea and break it down to smaller goals. That would make more sense. I know what I want to accomplish this year .. now to break it down! Thanks!!

Maybe we can keep each other on line .. be accountable partners. I could use one.

At December 30, 2010 at 2:17 PM , Blogger Lon said...

Thank you for the good post! Happy New Year!!!

Here are a few of my goals for the New Year . . .

- Walk away from gossip.

- Become a quieter person, unless it is of some greaat significance.

- Read more of God's Word every day.

- Be in prayer more, for others, and myself.

- Focus on becoming a better person.

- Talk with God, and listen to what He has to say.

- Try to release all my fears to God.

God Bless!!!


At December 30, 2010 at 5:07 PM , Blogger cindy said...

I love your thoughts and I too have couple of the same ones especially spending more time one on one with each of my 7 kiddo's and the date night for sure!!! Love your post thanks for sharing with us!!!

At December 31, 2010 at 10:14 AM , Blogger Jenny said...

Like you I don't want to set the bar so high I can't achieve it. I have yet to put my goals down. Although I am giving great thought to what I want in the new year.

I like your goals and how your setting them as quarterly goals.

At December 31, 2010 at 6:48 PM , Blogger quietspirit said...

I started making my writing goals a few months ago. I also have chosen a word to guide me through this year. I have chosen a scripture to remind me of my gift and how God expects it to be used for Him.
I like the way you call them quarterly goals.
I'm going to mark dates on my calendar to review my goals to see how I am doing.


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